Milo Fisher

Melbourne based Audio Engineer

Milo Fisher

Milo is a Melbourne based audio engineer working in Studio recording, mixing, Film & Tv and the Australian events industry. After working in the recording, events and film & Tv industry for the last 4 years Milo can help you achieve a great product no matter what your project is.

As a musician and engineer my aim is to capture a band in their best moment. Some artists want a raw live album. Some want a meticulously multi tracked and polished song. My role is to find the best studio and recording technique to suit your needs and budget.

If it's sound for film you're after I have worked in different roles with crews of all different sizes. Specialising in Post Production, SFX, Foley and Final Mixing. I can also facilitate location services and source other creatives for your shoot.

Send me a message and we can chat about your project and what you need.

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