Location recording | Post production | Sound Design | Foley

Having worked on features, shorts and animations both in post production and on location. Milo has a varied skill set to help your latest shoot get the audio it deserves. Post production, Foley, SFX and sound design or location capture. No matter what the size or nature of your latest shoot Milo or his creative network can find the right solution for your budget. 

Projects can run into road blocks, with time or money. Having worked with many different sizes of production Milo has great experience in working with a team to achieve great results despite challenging circumstances.

Previous Projects


Location Recordist

The dream children

Mix Engineer, ADR assistant

The Red Palace

Sound Design & Final Mix

Thanks a lot duchamp

Sound Design, Foley and Final Mix

The butchers son

Sound Design, Foley, Final Mix

Make or break

Final Mix, Sound Design & SFX